Gerbil is an small rodent. They mainly live in kindergartens and in our houses as pets. They are small in size, but larger than mice and hamsters. Unlike rats and mice, the tail of the gerbil is completely covered with hair. She has a tassel at the end of the tail. Gerbils are diverse in color, as a result of selective breeding. They are very clean, friendly and inquisitive. Gerbils bring their masters only joy. They like to play, climb climbing stairs and climb up the hill. Very funny they play with plastic or rag balls.

The sand can be confused with the rat, its closest relative. They are similar, only gerbils are smaller in weight and in size. The tail of the gerbils is not naked, but completely covered with hair and at the end with a tassel. It is easily tamed, so it becomes a favorite animal for the house, living corners and zoo. This animal is clean enough, almost does not smell and willingly goes to contact with a person. Such appreciation led to the selection of gerbils. Thanks to which appeared a lot of different colors. In Russia, the most common is the Mongolian gerbil, judging by the name inhabiting Mongolia.

Gerbils grow up to 20 cm, but they are quite small, about 5 cm. Weight is about 100-200 grams, and small weighs no more than 15 g. A distinctive feature is a fluffy tail, with a small tassel on the tip. The characteristic coloring lies in its name. Coloring can be brownish-sandy or brown, this is due to its disguise in the sands.

The teeth of different species of gerbils are different. The standard number is 16 teeth. Root teeth have roots, but they also have teeth without roots. This animal is defenseless, so nature awarded him with a beautiful ear, sharp eyes, elongated hind legs to move faster, and quick reaction. Gerbils are active in the daytime all year round, and in winter they can hibernate.