Hammerhead sharks – information

The hammerhead is one of the most unusual creatures of nature. The eccentric appearance of the hammerhead shark inspires surprise, mixed with fear, especially to those who have to face it for the first time. In addition to the outlandish form of the head, this predator is also quite large in size: the average length of hammerhead sharks is about 4 meters, and some specimens reach 7-8 meters. Non-standard appearance and imposing dimensions do not prevent this fish from developing high speed and exhibiting rare maneuverability.

The characteristics of the predator are also attributed to the ferocity of morals: it is believed that it is almost impossible to become the winner in a fight with this shark. Hammerhead fish are surrounded by many secrets. And although many amazing features of the behavior of sharks have already been revealed by scientists, some questions still remain unanswered.

Many of those who happened to see this fish with their own eyes, say that they did not meet a more terrible sea creature. The reason for the awesome sight of a shark is, of course, the head. Flattened, divided into two parts, with large outgrowths on each side, it represents a truly extraordinary sight.

By its form this strange head resembles a hammer, hence the name of the fish. Large, protected by centuries and having a yellowish-golden color, the eyes are located opposite each other, on opposite sides of the lateral outgrowths.

Along the entire front edge of the head are grooves that capture the smell, and cells that are sensitive to the electric fields of other inhabitants of the ocean, so that the head of this monster turns into an impeccable tool to catch prey.

Hammer sharks belong to the category of live-bearing fish. However, the process of pairing them is still a mystery behind seven seals, since this rare phenomenon of observers is not much.

It is only known that males during the act of love tend to display an unchecked temperament, because of which females have to heal for a long time after such sexual games.

A year after the pairing, the shark brings 30-40 well-swimming sharks 40-50 cm each – such a solid size and the ability of children to move fairly quickly in the water space helps them survive in a hostile world, and this is not a metaphor, as there are more dangerous predators around. Nature has taken care to facilitate the process of giving birth to a shark and her cubs, so the hammerhead in newborns is deployed along the body.