Hermit crabs – information

On the whole, these are quite peace-loving beings. But sometimes there are conflicts between them. Most often they happen because of a cozy living space. Sometimes it even comes to a fight.

With regard to the relationship of crab of the hermit and the sea anemone, there is always peace and friendship between them. A beneficial neighborhood for both of them brings its own useful fruit. These are typical inhabitants of shallow water. In tropical and subtropical waters, there are also those types of hermit crabs that prefer depths.

But not for all hermits a favorite habitat is water. The island Krudasan, located in the Indian Ocean is rich in land crab hermits. Almost all their life they spend on land. The entire coastal zone of this territory is covered by their tracks, which are very similar to the track of a caterpillar tractor in miniature form.

For a hermit crab called a palm thief or “coconut crab” they say that it is a very strong crustacean, which can even easily bite off a finger to a person.

Young crayfish hermits of this species live in the water in the shell of some mollusk. After one of the lines, an even more adult creature drops the shell and leaves on land.

At subsequent molting, the body of the crab is shortened and bent under the breast. This is a large and strong crab, reaching up to 3 kg of weight. Some representatives of this species use mink, which they pull out themselves, to escape from possible danger.

There have been cases when for this purpose crayfish used plastic bottles or glass bottles with a wide throat, which are on the seabed thanks to people. Hermit crabs are not very easy to move around with a shell, but this does not prevent them from being predators. Basically they lead a reclusive life, from this the name of the crayfish takes place.