How big is a great white shark ?

The size of a typical adult specimen of a white shark is 4-4.9 meters with a mass of 680-1100 kg. Females are usually larger than males and usually about 4.6-4.8 meters in length, while males have an average length of 3.4-4 m.

The maximum possible size of a white shark is a hotly debated topic. Richard Ellis and John E. McKosker, recognized scientific experts on sharks, devoted a whole chapter to this issue in his book “The Great White Shark” (1991), in which they analyzed various reports on maximum sizes. According to most experts, the theoretical maximum size that white sharks can reach under ideal conditions is 6.8 m .

Regarding the size of the largest known specimen of the white shark, scientists also do not have a single point of view. Ellis and McKosker determined the size of the largest, reliably measured specimen of 6.4 meters. He was caught in the Cuban waters in 1945.

The unconfirmed weight of this shark was 3324 kg. However, in this case there are experts who claim that the shark was actually a few feet shorter. For example, R. Aidan Martin after analyzing the photo came to the conclusion that the photographed shark in length was about 5 meters.