How big is a hippo ?

In general, hippos may be of different fatness. Some individuals weigh only 1,300 kg, but this weight is rather large. The length of the body can reach 4, 5 meters, and the height at the withers in an adult male reaches 165 cm. The dimensions are impressive.

Despite its seeming awkwardness, hippos can develop a fairly high speed in both water and land. The skin color of this animal is gray with shades of purple or green.

If a mass of hippos can easily “plug into the belt” any animal except an elephant, then they are not rich in wool at all. Thin hairs are rarely scattered throughout the body, and the head is completely without wool. Yes, and the skin itself is very thin, so it is too vulnerable in serious bouts of males.

But the hippo never sweats, they simply do not have sweat glands, and there are no sebaceous glands either. But their mucous glands can secrete an oily liquid that protects the skin from both aggressive sunlight and harmful bacteria.