How do butterflies eat ?

An interesting fact about butterflies is that they guess the taste of food with the help of their paws! Butterflies are cold-blooded creatures and for good circulation they leave their homes in the early morning to warm up well in the sun. At the same time, they are looking for food. Usually, they linger in the garden, on various trees and plants.

And when they choose a particular plant or flower, they can imagine the taste of nectar. And if this is exactly what they were looking for, the butterflies immediately begin to suck the juice. Their proboscis is a hollow tubular mouth (resembling a straw) through which they absorb minerals and nutrients.

Also, butterflies have a unique way of feeding, mostly it is followed by males and this way is called mixing … In this case, the butterflies gather in a dirty or wet, shallow and watery area where they suck in a huge amount of water through the digestive tract and are satisfied with a sunny drink.

Different types of butterflies prefer different foods, but almost all of them have one common fact – they absorb or drink food from the nectar through the proboscis.

Nectar and pollen are the main food of butterflies. Beauties attract bright and colorful flowers. Basically, butterflies prefer to survive on the nectar of flowers, which is saturated with the necessary nutrients and sugar, which gives butterflies an instant charge of energy and vitality.