How do mice get in the house ?

Rodents are looking for food and are trying to settle in places where it will be abundant. Therefore, try to choose a richer house. This may indicate that the hungry times are coming. It is desirable for owners to use their reserves in the future more rationally.

Mice were almost always associated with a negative. Therefore, if you ever saw a mouse in the house, people disowned it, fearing that the behavior of the rodent would bring troubles. And women, jumping up to the bench with a screech, showed not so much animal fear as they were afraid to avoid the execution of the signs.

In our time, the behavior of the rodents fluttering under their feet is not paid attention. Just the very fact of the presence of mice in the house is a signal to the fact that it’s time to start a cat. To see the mouse in reality in the house is no longer an occasion to remember the wisdom of the people.

But they continue to leaf through the dream books, figuring out what this gray rodent dreamed of.

When a small innocent mouse falls under his feet, almost instinctively shun him. From the outside it sometimes causes laughter. And the frightened himself does not quite understand the reason for his behavior.