How do rabbits sleep ?

Probably, every lover of rabbits who have this animal, watching their pet, never saw him asleep. Some are shocked, some climb into the Internet for an answer to the question:

Do not panic if the rabbit does not sleep. In fact, he still asleep, just a person does not see it, but if he sees, he does not notice. In general, rabbits are nocturnal animals, so they prefer to sleep during the day and at night to be active. This is quite normal and with time you can get used to it, and if you do not get used to it, then accept it.

It is worth remembering that rabbits are very timid animals. They may even die of fright, for example, from a loud sound, so it’s worth taking care that no one and nothing scares the beast.

The eyes of the rabbit are almost always open. When he sleeps, he does not cover them completely, but slightly covers them. It’s okay for these little animals to sleep without closing their eyes.

Rabbit can be hammered into a corner or fall apart in the middle of a cage – for each individual. He can doze off and wake up from every rustle, and can sink into a deep sleep, like a person.