How do snails get their shells ?

Snails build their shells, like all other mollusks. Shell is the skeleton of a mollusk, part of this animal. The mollusk is attached to the armor with muscles. A soft-bitten animal inside is never able to leave its shell.

The shellfish grows larger, and the shell grows with it, becomes stronger and stronger. The shell is made of a certain type of limestone, and the shell builds it himself.

The mollusk has special glands that absorb limestone from the water and lay it with tiny particles around and up. mWith the growth of the mollusk his house becomes bigger and stronger. Some of the glandular glands contain a colorant. As a result, the shell can be colored, stained or striped.

Snails belong to the family of mollusks – animals without spine. Some of them live in gardens, others in reservoirs, and some even in oceans. But there are two main types of snails – those that have a shell, and those that are covered only with a thin mantle.

Representatives of the second group are usually called slugs. Land snails have a three-centimeter shell. A slug about 7 cm long.