How do snakes lay eggs ?

Most snakes lay eggs in holes or in hollows, under rocks or under fallen trees, without showing any further concern for their offspring. But there are among the reptiles and more “responsible” parents who do not throw their eggs with embryos to the mercy of fate. Among them are some species of snakes and crocodiles.

For example, a female python wraps its masonry with several body rings, and eggs, while they are hidden under a kind of mother’s hood, are completely safe. In addition, in such maternal “embraces” it is much warmer (the temperature under the “cap” is 10-15 ° C above the ambient temperature), which favorably influences the development of embryos in eggs and speeds up the hatching of small pythons.

It turns out that the serpent serpent has a continuous contraction of the annular musculature and the heat required for the development of the embryo. In nature, pythons lay eggs mostly in the decayed hollow trunk of a huge tree and there they fold around the masonry.

Protect their eggs and some types of poisonous snakes, such as, for example, cobra, spectacle snake, krute, bushmeister. Before laying eggs, the royal cob rakes the fallen leaves in a large pile. After such preparations, she lays 20-30 eggs on top of the resulting nest. On this, the cobra does not take off the parental responsibilities and remains near the masonry until small cobra hatch from the eggs. She zealously protects the nest with future offspring, and appearing in this period near her nest is extremely dangerous – the cobra’s bite is deadly.