How far can sharks smell blood ?

The shark can smell a small amount of blood from a distance of 2-3 km. Sometimes you can see a shark, which, at first glance, wanders aimlessly in the water, constantly changing the direction of motion. Most likely it follows the trail, depending on whether the right or left nostril captures the smell more.

The smell of sharks can feel the only drop of blood dissolved in a million drops of water. Sharks are the most mysterious and slandered creatures of the ocean. For several hundred million years of existence, they have only slightly changed over the past ten million years.

There are about 370 varieties of these fishes, starting from 15 cm of carnivorous dwarf sharks to 13 m of planktivorous whale sharks.

The brain is poorly developed only in the most primitive sharks. In the currently prosperous groups, to which the most dangerous species belong, the brain is inferior to the brain of even some reptiles in terms of the size and complexity of the device, and it is organized much higher than the overwhelming number of fish and amphibians.