How fast are snakes ?

It is generally accepted that snakes crawl very quickly, but observations have shown that this is not entirely true. The maximum speed is 10 km per hour. Usually snakes creep, zigzagging in a horizontal plane, when their body is pressed to the ground. Progressive movement is due to the fact that the backside of each bend repels from the unevenness of the soil.

The snake creeping along the loose sand leaves behind itself at equal distances the ground. This usual method of locomotion is known as lateral wavy, or simply “serpentine”. The animal can not move this way over a smooth surface. However, it is also used by snakes when swimming. Snakes swim well, because their eyes protected by transparent film and the opportunity to hold their breath for a long time contribute greatly to this.

The snake can accelerate the movement, moving also by the so-called lateral move. In doing so, she throws the front of the body sideways, then pulls the back of the body and so moves, constantly repeating these movements.

The snake creeps very cunningly and through the trees. She wraps the tail of the tree trunk, throws the front part of the body up, clings to the trunk and then pulls the lower part of the body. All these movements of the snake produce lightning speed, and therefore it creeps very quickly.