How fast can a fox run ?

Foxes run fast, their usual speed is about 10 km / h, and some species can accelerate at a distance of 2-3 km to 70 km / h if necessary.

The old experienced fox is very difficult to catch. Foxes are famous for the cunning with which they avoid traps, and where they are hunted with dogs Рtheir ability to confuse hounds.

To do this, the animal can pass through a fence or a stream, often returns on its own backward track, and then bounces far to the side and continues the path in the previous direction. There are cases when, to confuse dogs, a fox leaped onto the back of a sheep.

Foxes are susceptible to many diseases: they can get rabies from dogs; they often have internal parasites, such as round and tapeworms (worms); the most common disease of foxes is scabies, often ending with the death of animals.