How fast can a hippo run ?

One of the most massive animals that can move overland is the hippopotamus (hippopotamus). Usually the hippopotamus moves slowly, alternately rearranging the legs, in some cases moving to a leisurely lynx. However, despite the huge weight (up to 4,500 kg) and apparent sluggishness, this representative of the group of cloven-hoofed animals is able to develop a running speed of up to 48 km / h.

Hippos are common in sub-Saharan Africa, they prefer shallow ponds with shallow shores and abundant vegetation. Their place of residence is determined by the time of the year and the presence of water. River banks they usually prefer to the shores of lakes.

Once upon a time hippos inhabited the Nile valley. The ancient Egyptians linked their massive and rounded appearance with the appearance of the goddess of fertility.

The hippos reminded the ancient Greeks of a horse with a strange shape of its head: its scientific name – “hippo” – translated from Greek means “river horse”.