How fast can a kangaroo run ?

Kangaroo can run at a speed of about 50 km / h, pushing from the surface with strong hind legs, while an important role is assigned to the tail, which acts as a balance and helps to keep the balance.Kangaroos are the best jumpers of our planet: the length of one jump is three meters in height and about twelve in length.

Therefore, to catch the animal is impossible, especially since during flight it is capable of everything: once a red big kangaroo, fleeing from farmers, jumped a three-meter fence. If anyone who wants to taste kangaroo meat will still be lucky to catch it, the marsupial will put the hind legs into use.

To do this, he will transfer the entire weight of the body to the tail, and releasing both hind legs, will cause terrible wounds to the enemy.

Representatives of the family dwell in both arid regions and tropical forests in Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, the Bismarck Islands. In the late XIX – early XX century. not bad took roots in Germany and England, successfully multiplied and even well tolerated snowy winters, but against poachers who completely exterminated them, were powerless.