How long do armadillos live ?

In natural conditions armadillos can live up to ten years. The armadillos move slowly, so the cubs are very vulnerable to predators. An adult protects the shell, although it is not always effective.

The pink armadillo  dwells in Argentina. The name of his animal was received because of the unusual, pink color of the shell. Armadillos, the only modern animals whose body is covered by an ossified skin carapace. The armor of a pink armadillo is covered with soft white wool on top. The same hair is on the abdomen.

The eyes of the animal are small, but there are no ears. The length of the body of a small battleship is 12-15 cm, and the weight is no more than 90 grams. It fits easily in the palm of your hand.

The dweller of the sandy plains, the armadillo prefers to dig in soft soil, where he finds his livelihood. Its food consists mainly of worms, caterpillars, snails and roots of plants. Small battleship animal is not a pair. He mostly lives the night way of life, in the afternoon he sits in a hole. Young armadillos are similar to their parents, but their shell is soft, hardens only in adulthood.