How long do badgers live ?

The life expectancy of a badger in the wild is on average 5-6 years. Longevity is considered to be individuals that survive to 10-12 years. In captivity, badgers can live longer. The oldest badger-long lived for 16 years.

The mating season for a badger ordinary lasts from February to September. Fertilized females bring offspring only the next year after mating. Pregnancy can last from 270 to 450 days, it all depends on when the pairing occurred. The offspring of the female are brought in the southern part of Europe in late December in early April, in the northern part – in March-April.

Usually in one brood there are 2-3 babies born. The maximum number of babies a female can bring is 6. Barsuchata are born blind and deaf. They begin to hear in a month, and open their eyes only at five weeks of age.

For newborn babies, the first year of life is one of the most dangerous and severe, at this time the badgers are the most vulnerable.

To get food kids learn at the age of 3-3,5 months. With the transition to an independent diet, badgers quickly gain weight and by the time of autumn are catching up with their parents.