How long do beavers live ?

Depending on the conditions and habitat, the average life span of beavers is from 10 to 35 years. So, in natural conditions, beavers live no longer than 25 years, while in captivity, with good care of them, live up to 35 years.

Beavers are monogamous. They live in large families, consisting of married couples and young animals that have not yet reached puberty. Usually one family consists of 10 individuals. The offspring appear to them every 2 years.

Beavers belong to the detachment of rodents. They live mainly near water bodies, on the banks of which there are many trees and shrubs. They feed on water and grassy vegetation. They can swim and dive well. They are in many countries, but their homeland is considered to be North America.

Beavers are large enough. The length of their body varies from 1 to 1.3 m, height – about 35 cm, and they weigh no more than 32 kg. Females look larger than males. In pairs, the female occupies a dominant position.