How long do bobcats live ?

Bobcats life span is about 15-20 year. Bobcats extremely cautious wild cat. However, they do not be afraid of people, perhaps the reason for this – that the Bobcats lives in forests close to man.

In the wild, males and females love solitude, meeting only during the breeding season. More often it happens in the spring, so that by the cold season small cats grow and begin to feed themselves. For the “lady” usually follows a few “gentlemen”, periodically fighting with each other. Pregnancy lasts from 50 to 70 days and ends with the birth of 2 or 4 (less often 6) cubs.

The mother hides them from gluttonous owls or foxes in the crevices of trees, small caves and other hard-to-reach places. Sometimes the father also cares for the lynx. After three months, grown-up kids follow their parents everywhere, and at 9 they begin to search for their own territory for hunting, and for the first time keep together.