How long do bull sharks live ?

Bull sharks average life span is about 27-28 years, but sometimes they live longer. Females reach a length of 4 meters, males are smaller – their length does not exceed 2.5 m. The maximum documented weight of the caught bull shark was 316.5 kg.Body color is not striking – the gray back smoothly passing on the sides to the light belly. There are no stains or patterns on the body and fins. Sometimes the edges of the fins are somewhat darker than the general background.

Bull sharks can change the intensity of the body color depending on the illumination, so even in shallow water they are not very noticeable. Especially dangerous are they in muddy water. Meeting with it can end badly: a fast-paced and aggressive predator is inclined to attack any large creature caught in the field of action of her senses.

Breeding sharks sharks live, like all gray sharks. The female carries fertilized eggs in its own body, like a living incubator. In North America, from May to August, female bullish gray sharks converge at the mouth of the Mississippi and give birth to sharks there. They are lazily wandering in the shallows near the pier.

About a dozen cubs are reproduced in the light, which immediately begin an independent life – the female does not show concern for the offspring. Young people stay for a long time near the mouths of rivers, where it is easier to get food and hide from enemies. At the age of 3-4 years, young sharks become sexually mature and are capable of reproducing offspring.