How long do cuttlefish live ?

The average life span of cuttlefish is about 1 – 3 years. Reproduce the cuttlefish once in a lifetime. Adult individuals migrate to convenient places for egg laying, on the way they get into flocks of several hundred and thousands of individuals. In these schools, complex relationships are established between them. Members of the pack no longer simply tolerate each other, but also communicate actively through changeable coloring.

During this period, only males show aggression towards each other, but the weakest of them are sometimes disguised as females to penetrate the center of the group. To males, males are treated with trembling tenderness. Although reproduction occurs in groups, as a rule, every male pays attention to one chosen one. He floats beside her, and then begins to stroke the tentacles. Both animals flash bright colors.

In nature, cuttlefish have many enemies. Although these animals are skillfully defended, resorting to disguise, however, a relatively low speed makes them vulnerable to predators. Most often, cuttlefish is eaten by sharks, dolphins and stingrays. Since ancient times people have been hunted by them. Cuttlefish are famous for their excellent taste of meat and occupy a prominent place in Mediterranean and Chinese cuisine.