How long do deer live ?

The life span of deer in captivity can reach up to 30 years, but more often it is 20-25 years. In natural conditions, where more often deer are knocked down on the roads, little food, etc., their life expectancy reaches 12-14 years. Females also live a little longer than males.

Life spanĀ spotted deer on average is about 13-15 years in nature, but in captivity this beast can live up to 20 years.

Moose can survive up to 22 years, but only in captivity. In most cases, life expectancy in nature barely reaches 10 years. Scientists estimated that only 3% of elk in nature have an age of more than 10 years.

The life span of a deer is 30 years, which is quite a lot. However, other animals like foxes often attack young animals, that’s why they often do not live up to several months.

As for the reindeer, which you probably could see in the pictures, and even live, their life expectancy is 20 years.