How long do dolphins live ?

Dolphins in nature live up to 30 years. In dolphinariums, dolphins live much longer than 40 years. Dolphins are found in many seas and oceans of the world, including in the Black Sea. Dolphins live to 75 years, more often about 50, in captivity usually about 30.

With the help of his 88 teeth, the Black Sea dolphin eats about 30 kg. Fish per day, the weight of dolphins – up to 500 kg. The temperature of the dolphin’s body is the same as that of a man of 36.6 degrees. The pregnancy period of dolphins is about 12 months. A female dolphin usually brings one cub in 50-60 cm in length and protects it carefully for some time.

The dolphins multiply throughout the year. They do not have special marriage rituals, but the male leader usually mates with the female. Mating occurs during the movement, while on the run the birth of a dolphin occurs. Cubs of dolphins, like all cetaceans, are born with a tail forward. This is due to the fact that the newborn is under water and for the first breath, he must first rise to the surface. The young dolphins are born so well developed that they swim for their mothers from the first seconds of life.