How long do dormouse live ?

The average lifespan of dormouse is about 4-5 years. About a week or three after awakening, the regiment begins to multiply. Nests for breeding babies often suit in the hollows of old trees. Only in isolated cases does the dormouse build a nest, similar to the nest of the magpie, only smaller in size. As a building material, the dormouse uses green shoots and leaves. Sometimes the nest of the regiment can be seen in the attics of the economic buildings that stand in the forest. Inside, the nest is lined with plant fibers, moss and fluff.

Once a year in early July, after a gestation that lasts three weeks, the dormouse daughters give birth to four or six naked, blind babies. At first they develop slowly, only after 3 weeks. But then, they begin to grow rapidly and after 2 weeks they are already feeding themselves.

There are many enemies in the nature of a dormouse  in nature. These are forest martens, ferrets, and near human dwellings – domestic cats. From birds mostly owls hunt dormouse. Although sleepy and considered a harmful rodent, which damages gardening and viticulture, to some extent it is a valuable animal, with a high-quality fur. In addition, the dormouse is of great importance, destroying harmful forest insects. Consequently, a small number in our time the animal Dormouse deserve protection.

And also watch a video about the night life of a dormouse. Shown as a small rodent, a dormouse emerges from the hollow and gnaws through the acorns one by one. Then deftly moves along the branch.