How long do emperor penguins live ?

The emperor penguin does not have too many enemies, so under natural conditions emperor penguins average lifespan is about 25 years. As we know they can even live longer in captivity. The process of breeding chicks from the emperor penguin is very touching and noble. The female lays only one egg in May or June and with the help of the beak moves it to itself on the feet, covering the skin fold of the abdominal part of the body.

The egg with the future baby weighs 450 grams, and its dimensions are 12×9 cm. The appearance of the egg the parent couple welcomes with a loud exclamation. Within a few hours the egg neatly takes the male to it, giving the chance, finally, to the female, after a long starvation, to strengthen the forces in the water.

Careful males at this time get lost in dense groups and join their efforts to save life for future chicks. They will now warm the egg until the baby’s appearance. The female who has recovered and gained strength, after three months finds the spouse by voice and takes from him an egg or already appeared chick.

A hatched penguin weighs just over 300 grams. After five weeks, grown-up kids are gathered together in a kind of “kindergarten”, where they are under the protection and protection of adult emperor penguins. Of the large number of chicks collected in one place, the parents unerringly find their own, so that they can be fed and fed in time. In December – January, feeding of the chicks ends and after a month’s moult they, together with adults, go to sea until the very spring.