How long do foxes live ?

In wild, the life expectancy of a fox rarely exceeds 7 years. Usually the animal lives up to 5 years and dies from natural causes or is eaten by animals.

The short period of her life is explained by the fact that the foxes constantly have to spend energy on the search for food and on the struggle for survival.

In zoos, at home, an ordinary fox retains excellent health until the age of twenty, individual individuals can live longer.

The high life expectancy in captivity is explained by the fact that the animal does not have to fight for food, spend energy on constant running, save its young from predators. At the same time, in the zoo, foxes will always be provided with veterinary assistance in case of diseases.

Outwardly, the fox is very beautiful, it has a pointed muzzle, an elongated, slender body. Their color varies: from brown or red, to black and gray, there are also often different black and white stripes. Basically, the color depends on the habitat of the fox.

In the North foxes are lighter, brighter and larger than in the south, in the same place they are darker and duller. The habitat of this animal is diverse and geographically very large, it includes the mountainous terrain, tundra, steppes, fields and forests. The probability in Russia to meet a fox when traveling to nature is very large. Very often come across her footprints.