How long do grasshoppers live ?

If you start from the egg and larva stage, the grasshoppers live more than a year. First, they winter under the ground (egg), then grow, molt, and by mid-summer they reach maturation. Then mating, laying eggs, and the circle closes. If you count from an adult, it’s only one summer, since they do not tolerate cold.

These insects prefer solitude. Those who are trying to figure out how many grasshoppers live will not stop understanding that they do not have their own home. They live among trees and bushes. In particularly hot weather, insects spend days hiding in the grass, leaving shady shelters in the morning.

Throughout the summer grasshoppers make ringing melodies. These sounds are the result of vibration. They intensify when insects raise their wings. Singing males allows them to attract the attention of females and show rivals that the territory is already occupied.