How long do guppies live ?

Lifespan of male guppies at a moderate water temperature is about 2.5-3 years, females lifespan is about 3.5 Р4 years, but they cease to breed for a year and a half earlier. Sexually mature guppies become to 3-5 months of life: it all depends on the conditions of keeping (primarily water temperature) and feeding.

Three-liter cans are enough to contain one pair of guppies and get offspring from her. But for growing offspring obtained from one pair, you need an aquarium with a capacity of 20 liters, a length of at least 40 cm.

Fish can reproduce in the same tank as they are. To ensure that the young were not eaten by adults, the aquarium requires shelter – soil, places with dense thickets of plants and floating plants on the surface of the water, especially riccia. If the fry is of value, they are scooped out with a cup and transferred to a vigorous aquarium.

Female guppies  fish are usually very active and constantly curl around females. Ready for fertilization, the female releases into water a special secret that attracts males. Males also release a special substance into the water, which affects the mature females.