How long do hamsters live ?

The owners of these animals often have a question – How long do hamsters live ? The average life expectancy of hamsters is 2-3 years. But depending on the type and size of the pet, this period may vary somewhat. If your hamster lived 3 years it can be safely considered an old-timer, as on average hamsters can survive to 2.5 years and after that die a natural death.

In nature, these mammals live even less, as they perish in the teeth of predators and from fodder. Although the life expectancy of these pets is short, many of us have time to get used to them and after the death of a hamster they happily take on a new pet in memory of the past.

 In order for your rodent to live as long as possible, it needs to provide good living conditions. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the cage and pet food. The cage should not be too small, so that it can actively move, run and look for food in the hay. Feed the rodent with a special food, which is sold at a pet store. If one feed the hamster does not like, then choose the products of another manufacturer.

Do not forget to give and fresh vegetables, greens and twigs of trees. Hamsters need to constantly sharpen the teeth, so let’s preference for a solid feed. At the slightest symptoms of the disease, contact the veterinarian so that he can put the right diagnosis and recommend ways of treating the disease.