How long do hyenas live ?

Hyenas live on average about 20-25 years. The record of life in captivity is 40 years. Striped hyenas in the wild live to 12 years. In captivity, the duration of their lives is longer, since they are safe from predators and feed on the right food.

The natural enemies of hyenas are large predators – lions, less often leopards – that kill young animals or single animals. A certain percentage of animals die from the teeth … the hyenas themselves. The fact is that a clearly expressed flock of hyenas leads to competition between neighboring clans, numerous wars beyond the borders of the territories bring a certain number of victims.

Hyenas, although sometimes visiting the outskirts of small settlements, generally avoid the proximity of a person. People, in turn, always felt a strong dislike towards these animals: untidy appearance, smell, gluttony and fierce disposition formed a negative image of hyena in all peoples. In fact, these are just prejudices, hyenas are an inseparable part of nature like any other kind of animals and, by the way, are well tamed.