How long do lemmings live ?

Average lifespan of lemmings is about 1-2 years. The welfare of most predators of the tundra (Arctic fox, white owl and others) depends on the number of lemmings. Sometimes the number of these animals grows to an incredible amount. They literally swarm under their feet – so prolific they have seasons. At this time, the animals become especially agitated and aggressive, because there is not enough food for everyone.

But for polar owls, the main hunters for lemmings, this time is a real “gastronomic paradise”! But owls are not the only ones who enjoy eating lemming. These animals are also prey for large seagulls, wolves, Arctic Foxes, big crows, peregrine falcons, gyrfalcon, brown bears and their white polar brethren, reindeer and even wild geese.

The number of lemmings on our planet is not small, and for their population there is no threat of extinction. For people, these animals are also of little interest: they do not bring harm, and they have no value. But in the tundra these rodents are a kind of living scales, which measure the “satiety of predators”, and accordingly – without lemmings many northern animals had to oh, how sweet it is!