How long do lions live ?

Because of poachers, hyenus raids, and also unfavorable living conditions, lions live in the wild for only 5-8 years. This time, enough to mature and leave a posterity. Lions, by the way, live 2-3 years longer than lions. Maybe because they do not have to defend their territory in the fight against other lions.

Almost ideal (from the point of view of safety) conditions are created in zoos for large cats. Therefore, lions live there for 20-30 years, under the keen attention of veterinarians and local employees.

Known long-lived Nero from Germany, who lived in the zoo until the age of 29.

Even in medieval times, the habitat of these predatory mammals was more than extensive. Lviv could be found across the whole region of Africa, the Middle East and Iran. They inhabited northern and northwestern India, the southern part of Europe, and the south of Russia. Their life was completely different, but these beautiful animals were always in sight of a man who interfered with their habitual, territorial affiliation.