How long do moles live ?

Life expectancy of moles is about 4-5 years. An African species of moles can help scientists unravel the riddle of longevity. Despite their small size, these rodents can live 26 years or more. Even in the elderly, the moles of Heterocephalus glaber usually have living parents and are surrounded by a bunch of offspring.

The maximum life expectancy is determined by how long individual cells and organs are able to function normally. For example, a person can achieve an increase in the average, but not the maximum life expectancy. Therefore, this species of moles is a very interesting model for the study of longevity.

Unfavorable weather conditions, especially winter, affect how many years old moles live. In the cold period, especially in winters with little snow, the earth freezes deep, many animals die. Moles are not very accommodating to each other. Cannibalism in these animals is not uncommon.