How long do moths live

There are moths that live only a few hours and die, but some of them usually liveĀ for 10-14 days. Butterflies moths are bad flyers, they can fly only for short distances. It seems that they reluctantly leave their homes and try to sit on something faster.

Due to this, they can not always be found quickly, they often sit on those items that are suitable for food caterpillars – the main eaters of things, as opposed to butterflies laying eggs, namely carpets, upholstery, clothing and shoes, manufactured Of wool and other materials.

Caterpillars of moths lead a hidden way of life, building silk threads of shelter of different types. So, the caterpillars of fur moths weave around themselves a silk tubule, which includes the remains of food and excrement. As the caterpillar grows, this course is constantly built up and can reach 10 cm.