How long do otters live ?

Otters live up to 10 years. The otter is predominantly a night beast, and she spends the day in a burrow or among dented roots. In the heat, it is heated in the sun, lying on rocks or a trunk fallen into the water. Hunts in the twilight. Although otters can live in sea water, they need fresh water to drink.

External senses are well developed: smell, hearing and sight are excellent. In captivity, quickly tamed, knows the owner, likes to caress and play.

A day can go up to ten kilometers. The length of the otter trail is about 9 cm, width is up to 6 cm. In loose snow the body and tail leave a deep furrow.

He likes to go to the same places and trails, which he uses year after year.

Litter in the otter is liquid, most often found near water (on logs, rocks and shallows) and contains unboiled remains of prey. Places for latrines at the otters are quite constant.