How long do Piranhas live ?

The normal life span of piranhas is about 10 years, but cases were recorded when they lived more than 20. Piranhas grow up to 33 cm in length, but this is in nature, and in an aquarium they are much smaller.

The piranha has a powerful, dense, squeezed body. Identify them very easily on the head with a massive lower jaw. Add to it a powerful tail and a body covered with scales, and you will get the perfect portrait of a fast, active killer.

Sexually mature piranhas are luxurious in their color. The color of the body can vary, but mostly it is steel or gray, the sides are silvery, and the stomach, throat and anal fin are bright red. Some have a golden tide on the sides. Young piranhas more faded, with silvery color.

It lives in rivers, tributaries, small rivers. Also in large lakes, ponds, flooded forests and plains. They hunt in flocks from 20 to 30 individuals. Eat all that you can eat: fish, snails, plants, invertebrates, amphibians.