How long do pumas live ?

The average life span of a puma in natural conditions is up to 15-18 years. Pumas can live much longer in captivity and it is not strange, they can live in captivity more than 20 years. The mating season of the Cougars takes a short time. The vapors are formed for 2 weeks, then diverge. Only predators with their own plots can reproduce. Males mate with several females in the nearest territories.

Pregnancy lasts up to 95 days. The light appears from 2 to 6 blind kittens. After 10 days, eyes, ears and teeth appear. The color of the babies is spotty, the tail has dark rings, which disappear as they grow.

The description of the puma as a mother is based on observations in zoos. To the newborn kittens the female does not let anyone in and lets you look. Only a month later the puma will take the kids out for the first walk. Hard food is included in the diet of kittens from 1.5 months.

Care of the mother about the offspring lasts for about 2 years. Then the adult life begins with the search for its territory. For some time the young individuals are held by the group, and then they leave. Sexual maturity of females occurs in 2.5 years, and males in 3 years.