How long do Sea otters live ?

In natural conditions, sea otters live 8-11 years, in captivity – about 20 years. There is no specific breeding season in otters, so mating between animals occurs at any time of the year. Kamchatka beavers do not form permanent pairs, males do not compete with each other and can mate with several females. Usually in the litter there is one, rarely two covered with fur and a well-formed baby.

Males, in contrast to extremely caring females, do not accept participation in the upbringing of offspring. In the first weeks the mother almost does not separate from the baby, keeping it on her chest all the time. Diving for food, she carefully swaddles the baby in algae and quickly returns back. The period of milk feeding lasts almost six months, but even after that, young 12-15 months are next to their mothers, mastering the science of survival of the ocean expanses.

The main enemies of sea otters in the ocean are killer whales, and on the shore – bears and people. The fur of the Kamchatka beaver is one of the most valuable, unparalleled in strength and beauty. It was his high qualities and played a fatal role in the history of the extermination of these sea animals. The predatory fishery quickly set a view on the brink of death, and in 1924 animal hunting was banned.

Currently, sea otters are threatened by other dangers: lack of food, displacement from habitual habitats, anxiety and, especially, water pollution. Today their numbers have slightly increased, but the sea otters are still under protection and listed in the Red Book of Russia. In captivity, the breeding of these animals presents great difficulties, since they are very demanding on clean water.