How long do skunks live ?

In nature striped skunks live 2-3 years; In captivity – usually up to 5 years. Up to 90% of young skunks do not survive their first winter. Males of skunks are polygamous. The females usually have one heat per year, lasting about 3 days. The period of mating is at the end of winter – the beginning of spring.

The striped skunk is one of those mammalian species in which the phenomenon of embryonic diapause is observed (delay in implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall). In this regard, the duration of his pregnancy can vary from 59 to 77 days (the average duration is 63 days). In the litter from 2 to 10, usually 5-6 cubs.

The newborns are born blind and helpless; Their eyes open at the age of 2 weeks. At the age of 4 weeks the cubs already know how to take a defensive posture by raising their tail. Lactation in the female lasts up to 6-7 weeks. Then the young skunks leave the lair and follow the mother in search of food. In the first hibernation, they fall with their mother. Next year they are completely independent. Males do not engage in offspring.