How long do snakes live ?

Snakes are quite long-lived animals, as many claim. But how many really live snakes?

On many sources you can often see information that snakes on average live 50 years, and some lived for more than a century. In fact, the official record of the world record is a boa constrictor, a scaly long-liver named Popeye, who lived in the Philadelphia Zoo in the USA in 1977. He lived forty and a quarter years.

Another reptile was the old-timer, a net python, who, according to press reports, died at the age of 32 at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Anaconda from the Washington Zoo lived up to 28 years. Data on the longevity of snakes, as a rule, can be obtained only from specimens contained in captivity, since snakes are not those creatures that are easy to follow if they live in wild conditions.

Herpetologists (reptilian scientists) from around the world note a direct relationship between the size of the snake and the duration of its life. On average, snakes of small size, such as sticks, live from 10 to 15 years, but the pythons live much longer, from 25 to 30 years, although according to unconfirmed reports, some individuals can live for half a century. But even if we imagine that this is true, it becomes clear that such a duration of snake life is more an exception than a rule.