How long do sperm whales live ?

Sperm whales can live up to 50 – 70 years. They die more often from natural causes. They have no natural enemies. True, sometimes they are attacked by a flock of killer whales. The female nurses the baby for about 15 months, after which it appears in the light with a weight of about a ton and a length of 3.5 to 5 meters. Sexual maturity of young whales-sperm whales reach to the tenth year of life.

Season of reproduction in sperm whales is mainly for spring, although mating can occur throughout the year. Males at this time can completely jump out of the water, and then plunging back with great noise. One male usually has 10-15 females, which, when the opponent attacks the herd, gives him a hard fight.

If the animal does not bother, it moves at an average speed of about 13 km / h, while searching for food – 5 km / h, if scared – up to 30 km / h. Before plunging into the abyss, the whale high raises the caudal fin (as in the photo above), and almost vertically dives.