How long do tiger sharks live ?

The lifespan of tiger sharks, presumably over 12 years. They reach sexual maturity at a body length of 2.5-3.5 meters.

Sexual maturity in males occurs with a body length of 2.3-2.5 meters. In females, this figure is correspondingly 2.5-3 meters. This species is viviparous. Fertilized once in 3 years. Pregnancy lasts 16 months. The newborn can be 10, 30, and 50. The maximum recorded number is 80. The acanthus reach a length of 50-70 cm. From the womb they enter the aquatic environment and immediately begin an independent life. At the time of labor the female has no appetite.

The prudent nature did this so that the mother did not immediately devour her cubs. But the danger lies in wait for them everywhere. Surviving in the ocean is very difficult. However, the sharks still somehow manage to turn into large predatory fish.

In adult individuals, the entire upper part of the trunk is monotonously gray. The belly is white or light yellow. Head is a large square shape. The mouth is huge, and the teeth are sharp as a razor, and have jagged teeth. The predator rips the carcass of any size. Torso in front of thickened and visibly narrowing towards tail. Has an ideal streamlining. At the same time, the speed characteristics are not very high. Maximum speed in the water reaches 30 km / h.