How long do weasels live ?

Weasels, according to various sources livesĀ 17, 20, 30 years, Strong males sometimes live to 60 years, which is not typical for animals of such small sizes (11-26 centimeters). Pregnancy of weasel lasts just over a month, 30-35 days. Before the birth of puppies, the mother builds a cozy nest that suits in a hollow between the roots of trees, as well as in foreign burrows, from which Weasel chases the residents.

Itself Weasel burrow does not know how to dig. The floor and walls of the nest Weasel lined with dry grass, leaves, wool and moss – in this nest the children will be warm and safe, after all they are born blind and helpless and weigh about 1.5 g.

The first weeks of life, babies eat mother’s milk and remain in the nest. Only fully strengthened, they begin to leave the nest and follow the mother, learn to feed on adult food and learn the skills of hunting. 3-4 months after birth, babies become completely independent of the mother and independent.

The small size of Weasel makes it a desired prey for larger predators: foxes, badgers, wolves, martens, birds of prey.