How long do wild rabbits live ?

In the wild, rabbits barely survive to 3 years. The reason for such a short life expectancy is in the death of young animals up to a month from the attack of wild animals. The second reason is rain, flooding burrows.


What to feed rabbits home? Most vegetables with green leaves are suitable: cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, dill, basil, spinach, mint, celery, chicory, carrots with tops, tomatoes. Every day you need to give the rabbit different vegetables.

Not so protected by rabbits living in the wild, the ability to survive becomes for them the goal of all life. They have to eat only what they themselves find. Weather conditions, namely heavy rains affect their homes, they just fill with water.

In addition, they have many natural enemies, predators often attack rabbits that live in the wild. Especially difficult is the animal, being a rabbit, when he needs food, he must go to the surface, where he is in danger. A large number of wild rabbits die before they reach the age of six months.

Putting an animal in a household environment, it can not be achieved that the rabbit will live longer. Even better feeding and care seldom help to transfer the change of the situation, which also leads to the sudden death of the animal.