How long do Yaks live ?

Yaks live for a long time – about 25 years. Sexual maturity is reached at 6-8 years of age. The height at the withers of old bulls can be about two meters, and the weight – up to 1000 kg. The maximum body length of males is 4.25 meters, 75 cm of which is tail. The females weigh three times less, their body length is 2.8 m, and the height at the withers is 160 cm.

Both sexes have long, widely spaced horns, the distance between them is 0.9 m. The very same length of the bent forward and upward of the horn is about 95 cm. A powerful weapon, you will not say anything! True, among the domestic yaks there are also hipless individuals. So calmer, you know.

Jacob was domesticated in the first millennium BC. e. Today they are used not only in Tibet, but also in the Pamirs, Mongolia, Altai, Buryatia, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Tien Shan and China. In short, everywhere yak came in handy. Sometimes it is crossed with a cow, which makes it possible to get animals with an even more obedient temper.