How many eggs do snakes lay ?

Snakes reproduced either by laying eggs or give birth to live cubs. In the latter case, egg-laying occurs. The female lays up to 15 eggs (large individuals and more). Incubation lasts 55-65 days. Pine snakes reproduce annually, but there are prerequisites for obtaining two litters a year.

Sea snakes multiply in various ways. Very few species lay eggs and remain closely connected with the land, each time leaving the water for reproduction. The vast majority of species are ovovivorous and multiply in water. In females, during pregnancy, the placenta resembles a placenta. Fecundity is very low, the female gives birth to no more than 2 cubs.

Rattlesnakes, copperheads and water snakes do not lay eggs, but give birth to live cubs. Some types of snakes are able to immediately produce up to 75 cubs!

Snakes laying eggs do this in secluded places. Eggs differ in shape from chicken: they are smaller and longer. Although, the eggs of large snakes still not inferior in size to chicken, and sometimes exceed them. The largest number of eggs is laid by the female of the Indian python – more than 100 pieces. But! All offspring take care of themselves independently from the moment of birth!