How much does a great white shark weight ?


The weight of such a large predator, like a large white shark, is much harder to measure than the length of its body. Partly, that’s why the weight range of big white sharks is wide enough – from 600 to 3300 kg. The final value is not officially confirmed. The maximum weight that the scientist was able to attest was 1878 kg. This weight was the female of a large white shark, caught in 1986 in the waters near the town of Point Vincent (Norfolk Island, Great Britain). The length of the body of this shark was 5.4 meters.

All the organs of the predator are designed to kill. Thanks to the perfect sense of smell, a large white shark can smell at a distance of about 600 meters. Her eyes are arranged like a cat, so the shark is perfectly oriented in the dark. Lateral line – the sense organ inherent in all fish, allows a shark for 115 meters from its location to catch the slightest fluctuations in water.

Shark begins to engage in killing while still in embryo state, when he absorbs his weak sisters and brothers long before his birth. Therefore, the female of a large white shark is born only 1 or 2 cubs, which grow very slowly and become sexually mature in 12 – 15 years.