How much does a sea lion weigh ?

The body length of sea lion can reach up to 2 m, and the weight of large males is up to 300 kg. The females are much smaller, their mass is only 90 kg. The fur of sea lions is not appreciated, as the fur of fur seals. The color of these animals is dark brown, often almost black.

Sea lions are inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere. They can be found on the shores of South America, Australia, New Zealand and only the California sea lion has advanced north to the subtropical belt.

All kinds of sea lions live on the open coasts of the seas and oceans, and are found both on rocky and sandy beaches and even in grass thickets. Thanks to cleverness and general mobility, these animals have mastered even cultural landscapes.

Like all eared seals, sea lions lead a herd life, but their congestions are not as numerous and crowded as fur seals. Animals often go out into the open ocean, where they can spend whole days without leaving on land, so it’s not uncommon to meet a sea lion far away from the shore. However, sea lions do not make seasonal migrations, but wander within 5-25 km from the shore. Among themselves, sea lions communicate with various sounds, but their voices are less roaring and growling than fur seals.