How much does a zebra weigh ?

The body of an adult zebra has a length of 2-3 m, and weight up to 350 kg. Their growth at the withers is 120-150 cm. The length of the tail reaches 45-60 cm. Outwardly all the zebras resemble a mixture of donkey and horse. They have relatively short and powerful limbs compared to horses.

Their head is large and heavy, and the neck is short and thick. The mane of the zebra is short and grows vertically upwards, the bangs do not. The tail with a brush reminds an ass. Ears are long and large. Zebras make sounds that resemble a short cry of an ass.

In captivity, zebras can mate with domestic horses, donkeys or ponies. Such a hybrid form is called zebroid. Usually, a male zebra and a female of a different kind of ungulates are involved in the process. Such hybrids are similar in appearance to the mother, but have paternal strips, which usually appear on the legs, neck and partly on the trunk.

They are bred as sledges and pack animals. They have advantages over horses, because they are not stung by a tsetse fly because of the coloring. Unlike zebras, they are amenable to training, but they still preserve the freedom-loving nature of the father. Zebraids can not reproduce.