How to get rid of mice in the house ?

Getting rid of mice can be difficult. And the most difficult task will be to find and close the mouse entrance to the house. This is the main strategic goal. Mice are able to penetrate into inconceivably small holes. They often fall into the house through the cracks in the walls, where the water pipes go out. Slip under the doors or through ventilation.

My sister once with horror watched as the mouse climbed into the bathroom through the sewer, sticking its head through the grate, which closes the hole for draining the water! Any hole larger than 7 mm can serve as an input for mice.

If you do not block the mouse road, no matter how you get rid of the mice, new ones will necessarily replace them. If you can not find the place of penetration of rodents, then a thin layer of flour or baby powder scattered on the floor can help determine their entrance and direction of movement. Most often, mice and rats move along the walls, snuggling up to them one by one, and reluctantly cross the open space.

The usual frame-mousetraps are one of the simplest and most reliable means. Among their advantages: ease of use, cheapness, reliability and lack of threat to children and pets in contrast to the use of poisons. But when there are too many mice in the room, catching them with mousetraps can be delayed, and the process is rather unpleasant.